Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The post where I blog about blogging.

Hey mom.
So, I was kind of thinking I probably wouldn't blog anytime soon. Nothing "of note" is happening, I guess. Although I am considering , for the sake of memory keeping, making a post with some recent fun memories/funny kid quotes from before I started the blog, even though I've already told those stories to everyone.
Then I thought about if for two seconds and realized there is a lot of stuff going on.

Well, the point is, I'm sitting on some ideas for future posts. I get a lot of questions about what brands of cloth diapers I use (well, actually, I graduated to big girl panties a few years ago, but Sophie wears them sometimes) and about babywearing, infant pottying, and just some other mommy stuff.

I've also considered that maybe people are curious about life in Germany, or Army life in general (General <--Army pun!)

I have some craft projects in the works, a huge birthday party/cake I'm planning, a MOVE, and some super cool upcoming trips that I may bore you with. But hey, you should come take a look when I post pictures from Paris and Rome, at least. You can skip the needle-felting-little-animals posts, but at least come for the travel blogs, ok?

What I'm getting at is that this is the customary "new blog disclaimer" where I assure you that keeping a blog doesn't mean I have a huge ego, or think that what I have to say is intelligent or important, (but also that if YOU have a blog I certainly don't think that you have a big ego) and that I realize I probably have very few readers, yet making sure not sounding so humble that it sounds like I'm fishing for people to say they love my blog and of course they read it. WHEW! Did you get all that? The point is, whether you are there or not I'm going to continue blogging as if you are, because maybe someday, if I stick with this, my sweet precious babies will come read this blog and laugh together at what a dork mommy is, then I'll tell them to hush and go clean their rooms, and it will be good times.

But if you are there, lemme know what you'd like to hear about. German beer? French cafes? How to properly wash a cloth diaper? Or perhaps I should stick to what I came here for, to tell funny stories about my kiddos. And with that, I'll leave you with this.

The kids are being their usual cute, funny selves. Sophie continues to try to eat the dog, and her toothlessness continues to be a major obstacle. Bell is witty as always, though I can't think of any laugh-out-loud bloggable moments in the past few days except that when husband came home very sore, moaning and groaning from playing sports with  his co-workers (I'll skip the Army jargon for now) Bella asked me, very concerned "mommy, what's wrong with daddy??" I told her nothing, he's just getting old and decrepit. She rushed to his side and said "aw, daddy! Are you crepit?" and patted his arm. hehe. Poor crepit daddy.


  1. lol crepit daddy.

    Blog about cloth diapers! There's so many people who want to start using them. And when you do blog about them: be sure to include a statement about how simply allowing the flushing toilet water to rush over them, is a completely acceptable form of pre-wash rinsing. And how simply throwing away a destroyed-by-poop liner is also acceptable :

    Just make me feel better :)

    1. Oh yes, I have definitely thrown away a too-far-gone prefold or two. I have written so many cloth diaper emails to curious friends that with some copy and paste I could have that blog written in no time at all lol. Let me know if you think of anything else that must be mentioned ;)

  2. well i will be intrested in anything you blog about!! you are into so many things that i would love to know more about but whenever i see you i always forget to ask lol.. and love the crepit daddy story :)

  3. So your saying I have a big ego... LOL joke I understand what you were saying and I love reading about whatever you write. I always find it interesting

  4. So sorry to hear about Daniel, LOL hope he gets over his crepit old self before we get there we have lots of fun filled days ahead of us and don't have time to wait around on him to catch up with us. Maybe we should rent a wheelchair just in case. 51 days!!!