Friday, April 20, 2012

It's raining, it's pouring...

I really thought that the moment I decided to make a blog dedicated to my kids' crazy antics...we would immediately begin a sort of boring dry spell. Ha! No. Here is what was transpiring as I was clicking "publish" on my very first blog post.

It is a very, very rainy week here in lovely Germany and the girls are a little stir-crazy. Three year old Isabella and 8 month old Sophia were playing in the next room with their musical instruments (thanks for shipping those to us, Mom. ;) We've really enjoyed the incessant noise) when suddenly the sound of maracas and tambourines was replaced by an odd Sophia laughing harder than I have ever heard her laugh. I rushed to see what baby girl thought was so hilarious and I see Bell taking gulps of water...and spewing it full blast onto her little sister's face. *facepalm* I suppose the proper response would have been to send Bell straight to time out for "being mean" to her sister..but Sophie was so happy. So I guess I might have sent her for making a mess, and yes, she *does* know better! Unfortunately my good parenting was foiled by my own laughter at Sophie's gummy smile while water ran down her shiny bald head..

So much for staying warm and dry inside today!


  1. i cracked up reading this in my office and my co workers were lookin at me like i was crazy