Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Dear Jesus

Sunday at church, Isabella suddenly got out of the pew and got on her knees, hands folded in front of her. As usual, she forgot to whisper, and said "MOMMY! Pray with me!" So I got on my knees and folded my hands. I whispered to her "Would you like to thank God for your mommy, daddy, and sister?" she stared at me. So I offered "maybe we can ask Jesus to help us be good today?" she stared, blinked and said, "Mommy....just...pray with me."
Oh. Sorry. My bad.

So we bowed our heads, closed our eyes and Bella began to pray. "Dear Jesus," she said in a tone that certainly must have warned Him to brace Himself for disappointing news, "there are no toys in here."
Then she got up and got back in the pew.

Well, now He knows.

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